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Advanced Learning Customized to Your Educational Needs

Whether you desire educational support or require comprehensive teaching resources, place your confidence in Bill Lane of William Lane Educational Consultant in Delaware and nationwide. I use my years of experience as an academic administrator and University instructor to provide strategic solutions to your education-related problems.

For Parents and Students

Parents who want suggestions, techniques, or support to help develop their child's potential can rely on my expertise. I help maximize the student's learning under the K-12 program. I create engaging materials and resources that address his or her needs while accommodating their individual abilities. I can also provide special education knowledge. Let me serve as your child's academic coach!

Education and Study Binders

For School Districts

I provide a variety of education-related workshops lasting one day to full week sessions presented during grade level planning time to allow for small group instruction. Workshops topics include:

Curriculum Modifications/Accommodations | Curriculum Associated with Special Education for Students with Severe Disabilities | Classroom Management | Use of Assistive Technology | Assessment| Questioning Techniques | Methods, Strategies and Techniques for Underachieving Students | Comprehensive Multi-Cultural Educational Techniques | Individualizing and Transforming the Teaching Environment

A Reliable and Dedicated Professional

Teachers who want suggestions for the underachieving students can always depend on my assistance. Using my years of experience and immersion in academe, I can initialize programs that will assess and improve your teaching techniques. With this, I boost your skills as an educator. This also benefits your students by raising their thinking skills to higher levels.

Continuous Support

After our comprehensive sessions, I will evaluate your progress. If ever I spot problems or see something amiss, I will address the situation immediately. I will suggest effective ways to remedy the situation, thus helping you forge ahead towards achieving your academic goals. I help you by providing, district-approved walkthroughs with the administration to make sure that the techniques learned in the workshops are implemented. Learn more about the advantages of utilizing my services by calling me today for an initial consultation.