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About Bill Lane

Learn more about the educational consulting experience of Bill Lane from William Lane Educational Consultant in Delaware and nationwide. I spent over 35 years providing educational services in Delaware, working both as an educator, administrator and university professor. I have long dedicated my skills and abilities to educating students from various grade levels and socioeconomic backgrounds.

Professional Background

For more than 10 years, I have worked in inclusive classrooms at the elementary, secondary, and high school levels. I worked as a school administrator for K-12 schools and taught undergraduate, graduate and doctoral level courses at various universities for twelve years. The courses I have taught focused on the following areas:

Curriculum Modifications/Accommodations | Curriculum Associated with Special Education for Students with Severe Disabilities | Classroom Management | Multi-Cultural Education | Assistive Technology

Why You Need an Educational Consultant

As an educational consultant, I help examine and compare the options available to enhance the potential of underachieving students. Given my adeptness and experience, I make sure that struggling students find the best solutions for their learning dilemmas. I make this possible by providing the most fitting environment and resources.

Mission Statement

Drawing on my 35 years of educational experiences has enabled me to create highly personalized educational experiences. I provide these, along with instructional materials and techniques for school districts, educators, and parents, to assist underachieving students. This is how I make them see "the light of understanding."


These workshops will assist/provide teachers with instructional strategies that will:

• Adaptive Personalized Learning:
Assists struggling learners

• Questioning:
Encourages student involvement/academic achievement

• Assessment:
Importance of assessment

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Yellow Ribbon Post Deployment Event Jacksonville, Florida - August 18th, 2018

Presenter - Fifth Autism Organization International Congress - November 11th-16th, 2018

More Information Coming Soon

More Information Coming Soon

For more information call (302) 745-7472